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Get The Right Protection

With Global Paint Protection Film, you can customize your coverage, from a full wrap that shields the entire vehicle to safeguarding the most vulnerable and chip-prone areas like painted bumper covers, and leading edges of fenders and hood. Your Global Paint Protection Film dealer will help you determine the best package for your vehicle and usage. Plus, Global Paint Protection Film is ideal for every vehicle on the road, from cars and vans, to campers, trucks, and motorcycles.

Coverage Options

Dealers typically offer a variety of individual and package coverage options. You can work with your installing dealer to build the paint protection coverage that is perfect for your needs. Here is a list of the most common areas protected by Global Paint Protection Film

Be Ready For Whatever The Road Throws At You

Pebbles, sand and road salt. Bugs and bird droppings. Parking lot nicks and scratches. They’re just waiting to make their mark on your vehicle’s paint. But they don’t stand a chance when you shield that factory finish with Global Paint Protection Film Global Paint Protection Film provides a clear barrier to help keep your vehicle looking as flawless as its first day off the lot -year after year

Protect Your Investment Invisibly

+10 year warranty

Professionally installed

+Almost invisible when installed

Goes on clear and stays that way

Conforms to your vehicle’s shape

Won’t bubble, crack or tum yellow

Self-healing: minor scratches disappear

Hydrophobic topcoat helps resist stains

Tough 6 Mil thermoplastic polyurethane film

Global’s Got You Covered

Global clear Natural Shield paint protection film is backed by a 10 year limited manufacturer warranty. So, you can feel confident that the protection will last and last

Care & Maintenance Instructions:

To ensure that your Global Paint Protection Film (PPF) remains in excellent condition year after year, please follow these Care & Maintenance Instructions. Failure to adhere to Care & Maintenance Instructions can void your Global PPF warranty coverage

To ensure PPF adhesion, do not wash or wax the vehicle for 7 days after installation

To prevent staining, remove bugs, sap, tar, and fallout from the PPF as soon as possible

Do not use solvent-based bug and tar removers

Wash and wax the vehicle as needed

Only wash with soft non-abrasive wash mitts and drying materials

When washing, keep high-pressure spray tip 36 away from PPF

Non-abrasive wax or sealant application is recommended once every 4 months.

Do not use polishing compounds, clay bars, or waxes that contain dyes or abrasives.

To remove PPF see your dealers for proper and sale PPF removal procedure

Prices may vary depending on the type of the vehicle. Click the link bellow to get detailed pricing information.